In the first season of Beyond The Arc, 3x NBA Champion Danny Green and his closest friends travel throughout Canada and explore Canadian cities and their culture through the lens of sports. Follow Danny on his journey, as he connects with famous Canadians, sports stars and fellow Raptors, experiencing, exploring and learning about the people and stories in the various communities and cultures in a 6-city, 6-episode journey. 
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Executive Producers: Danny Green + Darren Duncan
Co-Executive Producer: Graeme Mathieson
Producers: Graeme Mathieson + Zachary Derhodge
Director: Zachary Derhodge
DP: Roger Singh
2nd Cam, Drone: Steven Field
Line Producer: Andrea Horodyski
Associate Producer: Caitie Drewery
Production Manager: Zuleika Sequiera
Editor: Cam Lasovich
Graphics: Worship
Production Company: Q Media Solutions
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